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About Us

We are a group of high energy, design-loving women! 

DANA is the force behind Staging Spaces and Design with close to 20 years of professional design experience. She is known for her "designer's eye" and upbeat personality.

MELANIE is the leading force behind our home staging service and has been a great resource for our network of clients, builders and real estate agents. Mel is known for creating timeless, remarkable rooms for any budget.

SARAH is our organization expert. She brings a fresh edge to every project and prioritizes functionality along with aesthetics. Designing for families with children is her specialty.

While we often work with our clients individually, but behind the scenes we love to work with one another to use all of our expertise collectively to create the best and most cohesive designs for our clients!






What some happy tennis students say:  

"The best part was that they coordinated the move in to occur in one day so that when we arrived to our home in the early evening we walked into a fully decorated and furnished house that we could call our "home" instantly!"


- Dana S.

"They make you fall back in love with your home."


- Kristy K.

"I never appreciated how hard it is to pick furniture, colors, flooring, etc. until I attempted it. They did it with ease and gave me several options."


- Mark M.

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